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Video Ground Loop Isolator could reduce "Ground Loop Interference" with CCTV signals and can easily install in a new or added to existing systems. It is useful where a video signal is transmitted via cable between points with different ground potentials, differences in ground potentials are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads.


BNC male to BNC female with mini cable 15 on both sides.

Passive, no power required.

Hi Performance to eliminate ground loop problem.

Low video loss, Bandwidth: 20hz -11Mhz ,+0/-3Db

Prevents video-signal distortion caused by video ground loops.

Eliminates picture tearing, cross talk and rolling.

Prevents power cables laid by others interfering with the CCTV system.

Tech Info:

Model NO.



Hi-Performance Video Ground Loop Isolator

Insertion Loss



20Hz -11MHz, +0/-3dB 

Input Resistance

75 ohm 

Output Resistance

75 ohm 

Ground loop rejection

>90dB @>50Hz 

Isolation Voltage

600VDC (Min) 

Insulation Resistance

100m Ohm

Transient Voltage Suppressors

12 Vrms 

Dimensions (mm):

28x26.5x73 with 15cmx2 cable 


ABS Black


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Video Ground Loop Isolator